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Integrated Resource Plan

We’re planning New Brunswick’s energy future. Our plan will help move New Brunswick to a cleaner energy future and guide our decision making as we look at current conditions, expectations and forecasts for the next 25 years.

With input from experts and the public, NB Power’s 2017 Integrated Resource Plan will explore the following:

  • Options to meet projected demand for electricity while ensuring that at least 40% is from renewable energy sources.
  • The role NB Power can play in responding to climate change as we transition from traditional fuels to more clean energy sources.
  • The role NB Power customers want to plan in managing future energy needs, by using electricity more efficiently, generating it, or storing it themselves.
  • Ensuring we provide affordable, reliable and safe electricity for all New Brunswickers.

We update the plan every 3 years to reflect new technology, changes in customer demand and accurate fuel pricing.

The last Integrated Resource Plan was filed in 2017.

Integrated Resource Plan 2017

Integrated Resource Plan 2017: What Was Said Final Report