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Storm Update

Our crews continue to work hard to safely and efficiently restore power to all impacted customers. We want to thank all of our customers for their patience. For latest restoration updates, please go to


Payment Resources

For More Help

We recommend organizations such as Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada/
(1 888 753 -2227).

Here are some more organizations that may be able to help if you need more help:

Government of New Brunswick's Department of Social Development

Emergency Social Services
1 833 733-7835
If after hours call toll-free 
1 800 442-9799 (inside New Brunswick)
Senior's Information Line
1 855 550-0552
(Government of New Brunswick's Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities)


Key Conditions of Service

  • All bills are due when rendered.
  • A late payment charge of 19.56% per year (1.5% per month) with a minimum of 50 cents will be charged on any unpaid balance.
  • Service may be disconnected for non-payment after 30 days.

For energy saving tips click here.