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Billing and Payment

Your needs are constantly changing so we understand it’s important to have control over your account billing and payment. Explore the options below to see what will work best for you and make an informed choice that will make life easier.

Paperless Billing

Sign Up For Paperless Billing

  • Receive a monthly email reminder when your online bill is ready to view.
  • You can download, print or save your online bill at any time.
  • Your online bill contains the same information as the one you receive by mail.

If you have an NB Power Online Account, signing up for Paperless Billing is easy. Sign up here .

If you do not have an NB Power Online Account, you can create one here.

Equalized Payment Plan

Sign Up For an Equalized Payment Plan

  • Pay the same, equal amount each month
  • Monthly bills are issued based on pre-determined equalized billing payment amounts
  • Any remaining balance is due at the end of one year
  • Any remaining credit is carried forward and applied to your NB Power account
  • Equalized payment amount will be based on yearly consumption divided by 12 months, with an annual settlement billing month that includes an adjustment for actual usage


For new homeowners with no previous consumption levels, we will estimate your monthly-equalized payment amount based on information you supply using the Residential Equalized Payment Plan Calculator.

If you have a billing history with NB Power, you can open an NB Power online account where you can create and/or edit your equalized payment plan by using the Manage Equalized Payment Plan link.

If you do not have a registered NB Power online account, register here.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Sign up for PPP


  • Automatic withdrawal from your bank account
  • Saves you time and postage
  • Worry-free, guaranteed
  • On time payments every month or when you request it


If you have a billing history with NB Power, you can open an NB Power online account where you can set up your Pre-authorized Payment Plan.

If you do not have a registered NB Power online account you can register here or print the authorization form and mail to the address indicated on the form.

Other Ways To Pay

In Person

In addition to the option of paying your bill online, you can also pay your bill in person at a payment location or at Financial Institutions (in person, by phone or online).


If you would like to pay your bill by mail, please send your payment to

NB Power
PO Box 2000, STN MAIN
Caraquet, NB
E1W 1C1

Credit Card


Although NB Power does not accept credit card payments we know that many of our customers are interested in this payment method. Did you know that there are third party service providers (user fee paid by customer) that may allow you to pay your NB Power bill by credit card, one such provider is For your own protection please ensure that you clearly understand the terms and conditions of their services.