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Public Charging

Public charging stations

e charge network

If you’ve already made the switch, you can take advantage of NB Power’s eCharge Network which offers publicly available smart charging stations in New Brunswick.

Visit the eCharge Network to see a map of publicly available electric vehicle charging stations.

NB Power is always looking for ways to expand the e-Charge Network through funding applications to the provincial and federal government. External funding is used for the purchase and installation of all new public EV chargers.

Level 2 Charging

level 2
240 Volt – Charging station Charging time
BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) 6-8 hours
PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) 3-4 hours


While an EV may not be able to fully recharge at a public level 2 charger, oftentimes all that is required is a “top-up” – enough of a charge to get to the next destination or home to fully recharge.

DC fast charging

fast charger
480 Volt – Charging station Charging time
BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) (80% in 40-60 minutes).


DC fast chargers use direct current for a high-power charge.

At 480 volts DC fast charging offers a much quicker recharge time for electric vehicles. All electric vehicles (BEVs and PHEVs) can be charged at level 2 charging stations, but only battery and select plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are equipped for DC fast charging.