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Siemens Partnership

NB Power is partnering with Siemens Canada to build a smarter, cleaner, more resilient and efficient power grid. This modern power grid will benefit customers in many ways:

  • By giving customers more information, choices and control over their energy usage
  • By helping us prevent some outages, and restore power faster when they do occur
  • By enabling more energy-saving products and more convenient service
  • By making it easier to connect customer-owned renewable energy sources to the grid

Over the long term, our goal is to strengthen reliability, support growth in renewable energy, and reduce the peak winter demand on the power grid. This will help us avoid building expensive power plants and greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Siemens commits to New Brunswick’s energy future

As part of the partnership with NB Power that began in 2012, Siemens established two new global Smart Grid Centres in Fredericton, one in smart grid consulting and the other in smart grid software research and development. In 2018, Siemens announced a new global Cybersecurity Centre in Fredericton. The Centre aims to bring Siemens’ global expertise to support New Brunswick’s emerging cybersecurity businesses. Both local and international experts work in these Siemens global centres.

The NB Power and Siemens partnership goes beyond building a smarter power grid. Together, we can expand clean energy and technology opportunities to further New Brunswick’s economic development and prepare for a changing energy future. Learn more about the NB Power and Siemens partnership here.

The growth of a smart energy hub

NB Power and Siemens have made great strides toward advancing smart grid and related opportunities in New Brunswick. We partnered with government, universities, research institutes, and start-ups to grow smart grid expertise and technology for the benefit of New Brunswick and to share this expertise with the globe.

In 2016, NB Power, Siemens and the University of New Brunswick created the Smart Grid Innovation Network (SGIN) to encourage smart grid innovation. The SGIN offers a three-lab testing environment for businesses that have smart grid-related products, services, or solutions. The SGIN helps businesses overcome technical hurdles so they can take advantage of the great opportunities in this growing market. Learn more about the companies who have benefited from working with SGIN.