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Public Disclosure Protocol

NB Power Nuclear Disclosure Policy

NB Power is committed to being an ethical and responsible company in its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the public in the communities in which it operates. The NB Power Nuclear Public Disclosure Policy relates specifically to our Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station (PLNGS) to ensure public communications on nuclear operations are informative, timely, and accurate.

The Policy applies to all directors, officers and other employees of NB Power Nuclear and PLGS.


NB Power maintains an active nuclear public information program regarding PLGS. The primary goal is to assist PLNGS in effective communication to the public.

Information is communicated in a number of ways based on audience identification, their interests, and their preferred means of communication. This helps ensure clear understanding of operation and activities to enable the public to be informed and to participate in an open dialogue to have concerns addressed.


The Protocol ensures consistent standards and procedures for all PLNGS public disclosure.

It also ensures communications are full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable and are broadly communicated in a non-selective manner to individuals, organizations, stakeholders and the public based on public interest or concern.

The Protocol is an integral part of PLNGS public information program. The public information program ensures information about the operation and activities of the station are effectively communicated.

The Protocol ensures information is communicated on an ongoing and timely basis. NB Power Nuclear Public Disclosure Protocol is consistent with REGDOC 3.2.1.

Information Requirements and Reporting

PLNGS commits to:

  • communicate significant operational developments such as changes to facilities;
  • communicate within one business day or sooner if possible, unplanned events that could result in public or media interest;
  • publicly posting on, on a quarterly basis a listing of CNSC regulatory reports
  • communicate changes in station operations either planned or unplanned that may have the potential for the public or media interest;
  • maintaining comprehensive procedures that align with New Brunswick EMO systems to effectively manage events of significance and ensure timely and effective communications and dissemination of information;
  • maintaining two-way communication channels for the public to have issues addressed;
  • reporting and posting through established notification protocols on a quarterly and/or yearly basis, depending on requirements, with regulatory and municipal and provincial agencies;
  • annual posting and communication of a Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP) report;
  • posting and communicating quarterly corporate performance reports on nuclear facilities operations on;
  • actively providing updates and briefings on our nuclear operations to host communities, local organizations, local and provincial elected officials, agencies and First Nations communities to ensure open and transparent communication of our operations;
  • broad communications to residents and stakeholders in facility host communities variously by newsletters; fact sheets, information phone lines, public information centres and electronic communication via websites, emails and social media;
  • consultation with the public and stakeholders to discuss information being provided; and
  • posting publicly the NB Power Nuclear Public Disclosure Protocol.

For more information contact Kathleen Duguay, Manager of Community Affairs and Nuclear Regulatory Protocol at (506) 659-6433 or by email at