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Information on NB Power's various regulated activities can be found in this section, including applications and other submissions to the EUB, and reports to national regulatory bodies.

Active Matters before the EUB at this time:
Matter 0430 - NB Power 2019/20 General Rate Application
Matter 0430 - Board Notice



For information related to the matters listed below, please visit the EUB website.

Matter 0415 - NB Power - Application for Approval of its Transmission Revenue Requirements 2018/19
Matter 0375 - NB Power 2018-2019 General Rate Application
Matter 0357 - NB Power 2017 Rate Design
Matter 0336 - NB Power 2017-2018 General Rate Application
Matter 0307 - NB Power 2016-2017 General Rate Application
Matter 0272 - NB Power 2015-2016 General Rate Application
Matter 0271 - NB Power's Class Cost Allocation Study Methodology
Matter 0256 - NB Power - Application for Approval of its Transmission Tariff and Transmission Revenue Requirements
Matter 0290 - Reliability Standards Compliance Procedure - NBEUB RSCP-01
Matter 0251 - NB Power Financial Risk Management Policies
Matter 0229 - NB Power Standards of Conduct Compliance Program

The EUB issued its Decision on this Matter on April 22, 2014

An Application for approval of a standards of conduct compliance program was filed on November 14, 2013


For information on Regulatory proceedings prior to 2014 please contact NB Power Regulatory.