NB Power

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NB Power

NB Power operates one of North America 's most diverse generating systems and interconnected transmission networks.

Through its divisions, reliable, safe and economically priced electricity, generated at sixteen facilities, is delivered via terminals, substations and power lines to more than 370,000 direct and indirect customers within New Brunswick and surrounding markets.


Quick Facts (2006/2007)

  • 20,030 km of distribution lines
  • 18,734,335 MWh of energy transmitted
  • 78.2% capacity factor at Point Lepreau
  • 955,626 inbound and outbound calls
  • 26% generating capacity from renewable sources
  • 1,125,740 person hours without a lost-time accident at Dalhousie
  • 83% customer satisfaction with service
  • 15,946,000 MWh of electricity generated
  • 1,700,000 person hours without a lost-time accident at Point Lepreau