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Tree Maintenance


Trees Make New Brunswick Beautiful

But without regular pruning and cutting, trees can grow or fall into power lines, cause outages, and become an electrical hazard. So, if you see us doing maintenance on trees in your neighbourhood, please understand we are working to avoid outages and to keep you and your family connected.

Which trees does NB Power Maintain?




How do you schedule tree maintenance?



Prevention is Efficient and Safe

The certified Utility Arborists work hard all year round to keep our power grid reliable; usually around 1,130 km of planned maintenance per year. We use a GIS (Geographical Information System) map of the power grid to track downed lines and use that information to identify problem spots and plan future trimming to most improve reliability. This is in addition to inspecting every line in the province on a rotating multi-year schedule.



Where are the tree crews?



Tree maintenance locations

Certified Utility Arborists are hard at work across New Brunswick this week to help keep you connected. Find out if they'll be in your neighbourhood below.

July 8 - 12
Bertrand to Maisonnette
Blackville - Howard Road
Bloomfield - Dickie Mountain Rd.
Carrols Crossing
Fredericton - Goodine St.
Hampton - Dutch Point
Hanwell - Mini home park
Mazerolle Settlement
Moncton area - Glen Carin, Woodhaven
Petit Paquetville
Sand Point Wharf Rd.
Skiff Lake
Upper Kent
Village of Bertrand
West Glassville



Be Safe:

Never attempt to prune or cut trees near power lines. Direct or indirect contact with a power line can be fatal!