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Tree Maintenance

Tree cutting and pruning around power lines

Trees make New Brunswick beautiful.

But without regular pruning and cutting, trees can grow or fall into power lines, cause outages and becoming an electrical hazard.

To keep your family safe and connected, we sometimes have to prune trees around power lines. In some cases, cut them down. So if you see us cutting trees in your neighbourhood, please understand we are working to avoid outages and to keep you and your family safe.

  • Tips

    BE SAFE:
    Never attempt to prune or cut trees near power lines. Direct or indirect contact with a power line can be fatal.

Trimming Locations

Tree trimming crews are hard at work across New Brunswick this week to help keep you connected. Find out if they'll be in your neighborhood below.

July 8 - July 12, 2019
Welsford, Westfield Area
Keswick Ridge
Route 8, Boisetown/Astle
Grand Lake/Princess Park
Route 11, Oak Point to Burnt Church
Route 11, Mill Bank to Oak Point
Route 117, Bay Du Vin
Route 116, Harcourt, Emerson Road
Route 130, Florenceville
Village of Paquetville
Magellan Street, Moncton
Hennessey Road, Moncton
McLaughlin Road, Moncton