NB Power

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About Your Bill

Below is a breakdown of a typical NB Power electricity bill.  To learn more about information included in your bill, click on the numbered links below.




Customer identity - Your name and property address appear at the top of the bill as well as the name of a joint customer, where applicable.



Summary of charges - Your monthly account information includes your previous balance and payments received, a summary of charges for the current billing period, the current balance and late payment date, and monthly payment information for customers on the Equalized Billing Plan (EPP).



Additional information - Look for more detailed information such as EPP status, reasons for estimated meter reading, graphs or important messages that may change from month to month.



Your electricity bill - Your account number, billing date, bill number, meter number and personal usage are shown here. If your meter reading must be converted into kilowatt hours, a multiplier appears in the table titled "Your electricity use this period". You may also find a table comparing current usage against previous periods based on the cost of electricity charges only, excluding rentals and HST.



How to contact us - Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. For faster service, please have your account number and bill number on hand.



Payment return slip - This slip identifies your name, postal address, account number, amount due and late payment date.