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NB Solar Installers

We’ve worked with several solar installers through the Net Metering program. Here you’ll find a list of installers who have successfully completed solar projects with our customers.

This list of local solar installers is provided for information purposes only. NB Power is not making any recommendations with regard to the content of this list, and you should not rely on the provision of this list by NB Power as the basis for making any consumer, legal or other decisions. NB Power accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this list, which simply represents local solar installers used by existing net metering customers.

Name Website
A+ Solar Solutions
Clear Power Solutions
Epic Energy Solutions
Fundy Solar
Hayward Healthy Home Solutions
MJM Solar Solutions
Natural Forces Solar
SolarGen Energy Inc.
Sunly Energy
The Smart Energy Company
TruSun Solar Energy
Vertex Solar Solutions
Xolar Inc