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Product and Installation Information

Grizzl-E Smart charger

Which brand and type of EV charger will be installed?

NB Power is offering the Grizzl-E Smart charger (model GRS-14-24-PB) which has a Wi-Fi extension module that allows it to connect to a network and run smart charging features. It comes with 24 feet premium black charging cable. The charger has a NEMA 14-50 plug which requires a receptacle to be mounted during installation. The vehicle connector is a J1772.

Is a site assessment required before the installation?

Yes, a site assessment may be required to confirm installation requirements.

How long will the installation take?

Installation usually takes about 4-5 hours in most cases.

How can I connect my EV charger to WiFi?

The customer is responsible for setting up Wi-Fi connectivity and the App to interact with the charger. Customers should check Grizzl-E Smart chargers on how to connect the Charger to Wi-Fi. Grizzl-E has partnered with ChargeLab as the default app for residential home charging, which can be found at Grizzl-E Smart set-up guide — ChargeLab. The ChargeLab app offers:

  • Remote control of your EV charger  
  • Ability to set a charging schedule
  • A charging indicator and how much power is being used for charging
  • Statistics of past charging sessions
  • Location finder of public charging stations within the Charge Lab and partner networks


What are the technical specifications for the Grizzl-E Smart charger?

Please see the technical specification sheet here.