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Customer Stories

Johnathan Boudreau

Jonathan Boudreau

When Johnathan Boudreau and his family moved to the countryside in 2021, he found his property was too dark. The long narrow driveway made it difficult to back his vehicles in.

So he called NB Power. “The customer service is great,” Johnathan says, “all I needed was to make a phone call.”

That call lead to NB Power’s lighting team installing dusk to dawn lighting halfway down Johnathan’s driveway on an existing pole on his property. The improvements in visibility and safety were so great that he got a second light installed a few months later.

“It’s very helpful in the winter to have the extra light when snow-blowing,” Johnathan adds “and the bright lights discourage trespassing, giving us peace of mind.”

Without NB Power’s lighting service being so easy to navigate and cost-effective, installing and maintaining dusk to dawn lighting on his property would have been an obstacle for Johnathan and his family.

“With no maintenance and a low cost on my bill, it’s well worth it,” says Johnathan.

When asked if he would recommend the service, Johnathan replied: “Go for it! It’s easy, there is no maintenance and if there’s an issue, you call and it’s fixed right away.”