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We're happy you've decided to explore our Net Metering program. Below are some simple steps to help you research and enrol in the program:

Find out more:

Research net metering. Review the material on our website Net Metering as well as other sources to ensure that this is the best option for you.

  • Determine which source of renewable energy you will use.
  • Research potential suppliers to determine availability, costs and the amount of electricity that can be generated.
  • You are encouraged to evaluate the amount of electricity you expect to produce and the economics of the project to determine your overall cost of electricity.
  • Contact your municipality, local planning commissions, other government departments to ensure that there are no restrictions for the generation unit you want to install.


Once you've decided to enrol in the Net Metering program, take the following steps to apply.

  • Print and complete the application form and mail to the address provided. (You can also call our Contact Centre toll free at 1 800 663-6272 to obtain an application form by mail)
  • Include two copies of a one-line diagram of the system, site location map and manufacturer's technical specifications for the inverter.
  • Be sure to provide all required documentation with the application.


All projects require an electrical wiring permit from a licensed electrician and must be inspected and approved by the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services prior to connection.*

  • You will be notified by letter if your project meets NB Power's technical requirements.
  • If your project does not meet requirements, an NB Power representative will work with you to discuss what steps you must take to meet requirements.
  • Prior to installation, a net metering agreement will be signed between you and NB Power.

What happens next?

Once your project has been completed and approved, NB Power will provide and install a meter that will record both the electricity delivered to you and the electricity received from your generation unit. You will be responsible for providing a telephone line connected to the meter and for the standard connection fees. This phone line may be shared, providing arrangements can be scheduled for meter reading times.

*Equipment note: All electrical equipment shall bear a certification logo acceptable in the Province of New Brunswick. Any component of the installation that does not, including a wind turbine itself, may require a Special Inspection (SI) by a certification organization recognized in New Brunswick. We recommend that you contact the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety, Technical Inspection Services for further details.

Supporting Documents: