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New Brunswick/Nova Scotia Transmission Reliability Project


transmission lines

Project Background

This project consists of a new 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia to increase energy reliability for Nova Scotia. This upgrade would allow Nova Scotia Power more operational flexibility and greater opportunity to integrate renewable, clean energy into their system into the future as well as serves as the first step in enabling secure bi-directional energy flows between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Currently, there is only one 345 kV transmission line supplying electric power into Nova Scotia from New Brunswick.

A new transmission line would be approximately 65 km in length and run from an expanded terminal near Salisbury, to an expanded terminal in Memramcook, and then to the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border. It would run parallel to the existing transmission line.

Project Benefits

This additional line and improved reliability would allow both NB Power and Nova Scotia Power to continue advancements towards the clean energy roadmap as both utilities work towards a path to net zero and phasing out of carbon emitting generation in the years to come.

Current Status

Since June 2022, teams of qualified engineers, designers and biologists have worked on NB Power’s behalf to conduct exploratory field work to evaluate the feasibility of adding a new 345‐kilovolt transmission line adjacent to the existing transmission line corridor.

Baseline environmental data is being collected to support the potential of an additional transmission line; however, any new transmission line installation would be subject to regulatory review and approval. 

The data collected from the field work, coupled with information received from the on-going consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities, landowners and stakeholders will be reflected in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) document. The EIA will formally be registered with the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government in the spring of 2024.

Proposed Schedule

Engagement with First Nations, public, and Stakeholders Ongoing throughout the project
Complete field studies and EIA registration Spring 2024
Planning and Engineering - complete Fall 2024
Land rights acquisition Spring 2024 to Spring 2025
Construction activities commence Fall 2025



Q & A Document

Proposed Towers

Acquisition of Land Rights for a Transmission Line Corridor

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) fact sheets from Health Canada and Electricity Canada (Canadian Electricity Association)

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