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Shediac Residential Smart Energy Study


Helping to make Shediac a brighter place to live

More than 400 homeowners are participating in the Shediac Residential Energy Study, which launched in 2018. Among other things, the research project is helping to show how renewable energy technology can be integrated with the provincial electricity grid in a way that brings value to all NB Power customers.

Homeowners have agreed to allow NB Power and its research partner the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to install, test and monitor a variety of smart energy technologies in their homes including solar panels and battery energy storage, smart thermostats, smart water heater devices and thermal storage heat pumps.

The research project is designed to:

  • Help determine how best to integrate renewable energy into the power grid
  • Help determine whether cost savings are achieved when customers use smart energy technology at home
  • Understand the customer experience of people who receive these technologies compared to those who do not
  • Test the potential benefits of time-of-day electricity rates on peak electricity demand and customer bills

The Shediac Residential Energy project is part of Smart Grid Atlantic’s Shediac Community Energy project. Results of the residential energy study are anticipated in 2024.

Partners for this project include the Town of Shediac and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).